05 May Current Affairs


Important Day

World Midwives Day

The first celebration of international Midwives Day on 5 May 1991 was held in more than 50 different nations worldwide. — The 1987 conference of the International Confederation of Midwives in the Netherlands was designed to recognize and honor slums. On the 5th of May, on Sundays, International Sisters ‘ Day 2019, sisters around the world will be celebrating. — The theme is “Sisters: Defenders of Women’s Rights.” — The International Day of the Sister-Wife 2019.

Important Short News

  1. Indian Space Research Organization plans to send a sample early next year to study the sun. ISRO president Dr. K Sivan said scientists are currently exploring ways to study more about Sun, and the Aditya TalL1 (Lagrangian) probe was sent to watch the sun’s outer corona. Mr Sivan said that by 2022 the mission is ongoing to send Indian astronauts.
  2. Indian Railways allowed the free movement to West Bengal, Odisha and Andra Pradesh of aid and relief equipment. The Railway Board has issued guidelines in this respect in a letter to General Railway Managers. Every government organization throughout the country can free of charge book relief materials for affected countries. Divisional Railway Managers have been given the authority to decide whether additional trucks or vans can be attached to various trains in these states. Authorisation will continue until the 2nd of the following month.
  3. The Indian Boureses, BSE, Network Intelligence, a global cyber security service provider & CERT-IN empanelled seller, are the largest and oldest stock exchanges in the nation. It aims at providing its members with cyber security services in line with the SEBI cyber security framework.
  4. In order to protect companies from financial and reputational losses due to cyber attacks SBI general insurance has launched the product. The initial stage will focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, but later the product may also accommodate large corporate groups, the insurer. Protecting against the increasing threat of cyber violations is designed to protect against major insurable cyber exposures such as hacking, identity robbery, sensitive information disclosure and business interruptions.
  5. In honor of Sri Vedanta Desikan’s 750th birthday, Vice President M Venkaíah Naidu issued a post stamp in New Delhi. He said the textbooks need to illustrate the lives of great saints and spiritual images, like Sri Vedanta Desikan, for children to internalize and practice their lofty ideals of humanism, peace and compassion.

National & International News

Complaint of Dowry Harassment

In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court of India ruled that a relative of a woman who is subject to her husband’s cruelty and dowry or law, could lodge a complaint. T he judgement was handed out by a SC Judges Ashok Bhushan and KM Joseph Judge. Judgment was delivered. — Bench said that Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code on marriage cruelty towards women does not provide for the filing of complaints only by women subject to cruelty of husband or relative. Such complaint should not be filed with women.

Ban on Import of Milk Products

The Union Government extended the ban on imports of milk from China to laboratories in ports to test for toxic chemical melamine and upgraded their products, including chocolates. — The General Directorate of the Foreign Trade stated in its notification, the ban is extended until the capacity of all labs in ports of entry has adequately improved to test melamine, including milk, milk products, chocolate products, candies, pastry and food prepare products using milk or milk solids as ingredients from China has been improved.

International Relations

Counter-terrorism Co-operation

.India and Australia have agreed to deepen the cooperation on counter-terrorism by regular information exchange and the sharing of good practices against extremism and radicalisation. Two countries held Canberra’s 11th Joint Task Force against Terrorism. T he contemporary challenges of counterter-terrorism such as terrorism financing, the Internet’s terroristic use, radicalization and the fighting against foreign terrorism were discussed.

Candida Auris Infection and Treatment

.The ICMR has recently issued guidelines on multi-medicinal drug resistant candida auris, which have reportedly caused high mortality invasive infections. The various outbreaks of C are known to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Globally and from India have reported auris. T he patient should not be kept in isolated rooms and with other patients with the same infection. There is no consensus on optimal treatment because of variations in sensitivity. • The risk of transmitting the organizations into other patients and of self-colonization at multiple locations may be greater in patients with diarrhea.

Massive Solid Inner Core

.NASA recently revealed that it has a massive, solid inner core on the smallest planet in our solar system. • NASA’s MESSENGER mission zoomed close to the earth on its final trip around Mercury before crash knockdowns in 2015, enabling researchers to make detailed gravitational, spin and inner structure measures. As for the NASA information, Mercury and Earth are known to have metal cores for a very long time. As for Like Earth, the external core of Mercury is made up of liquid metal, but the inward core of Mercury is only solid.

Cyclone Fani

Cyclone Fani, the south of Bay of Bengal, constitutes a large cyclone formation. Fani’s speeds reach up to 180 kilometers per hour, leading to severe precipitation in coastal areas of the state, was reported by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). Bangladesh suggested the name of the Cyclone ‘ Fani,’ which was pronounced “Foni.” It means “snake” or “snake’s hood.” The Doppler Weather Radars Vishakhapatnam and Machilipatnam are being tracked by cyclone Fani.

The Indian Coast Guard and the Navy deployed relief and rescue ships and helicopters. The units of the TA and Air Force were also put on standby in the three States. Towards NDRF, 12 teams have been deployed at Andhra Pradesh, 28 Odisha teams and 6 teams have been deployed in West Bengal. Furthermore 32 teams were kept at rest

International Cricket Council (ICC)

A newly updated MRF Tyres ICC Test Team and ICC ODI team rankings were published by the International Cricket Council (ICC). T he top places in Test and in ODI rankings have been respectively maintained by India and England in the updated rankings.· T he ranking is scheduled to start in the UK and Wales on 30 May 2019 just days before the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup.

National Park

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy N p

The Chiran Fort Palace is a national park situated in the Jubiles Hills in Hyderabad (Telangana), Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park. The year 1998 was declared a national park.

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