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Important Day

National Civil Services Day

Latest Current Affairs

  • Every year on April 21, the National Civil Services Day is celebrated when civil servants rededicate themselves to citizens ‘ cause and renew their commitment to public service.
  • This day corresponds with the date on which in 1947 at All India Administrative Service Training School at Metcalfe House, New Delhi, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel addressed the first batch of probationers.
  • Sardar Patel referred to bureaucrats in this famous speech as “India’s steel frame.” Charles Cornwallis is known as “India’s father of civil service.”


Important Short News

  1. Critical peace talks have been postponed in Qatar between the Taliban and the Afghan government. The talks, planned between the Afghan Gov. and representatives of the Taliban, were proclaimed as an important first step towards finding a negotiated end to the war in Afghanistan and eventual withdrawal of US troops. Taliban questioned the government delegation’s size, saying it wasn’t’ normal’ and they didn’t plan to meet so many people. The talks were attended by a total of 250 Afghan government officials.
  2. After increasing pressure on the resident Mopti region to handle violence, the Prime Minister of Mali resigned along with his government. Especially after the massacre of the village of Burkina Faso on 23 March, 160 people were killed. Mali strives to restore stability since al-Qaeda-linked Islamist extremists seized control of Mali’s vast northern desert at the beginning of 2012.


  1. The Chhyoiphel Kundeling monastery of Nepal has been rebuilt in India. With the grant of 18.9 million Nepalese rupees, the monastery was rebuilt with the Government of India. In the project, additional infrastructure, like houses, kitchen, sanitary installations and a composite wall, were also constructed. With the active inauguration and participation of Lisankhu villagers, the Chhyoiphel Kundeling Monastery was founded in 1946. It has performed various socio-cultural activities such as Buddhism teaching, Thangka painting, carving, sculpting, etc. In addition to being an important building of heritage, the monastery is also part of the social and cultural life of the local population.
  2. A national professional trade fair focused on international technology trade opened in Shanghai, the 7th China International Technology Fair. The exhibition comprises five areas including professional technology, technological innovation and business services. As the first exhibition took place in 2013, CSITF has become an important showcase for the latest technology in the world.

Latest Current Affairs

  1. Saudi Arabia issued a formal order raising India’s Haj quota to two lakhs of one lakh 75,000. In three consecutive years, this is the third hike. This will be performed by a record number of two lakh Indian Muslims. Without a male companion or Mehram, as many as 2,340 Indian Muslim women will go on pilgrimage.



National & International News

Jallianwala Bagh poem ‘Khooni Vaisakhi’

Latest Current affair A book about the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, ‘ Khooni Vaisakhi ‘ published in Abu Dhabi, containing English translation of the 100-year-old classic Punjabi poem.

The poem was translated into the UAE Navdeep Singh Suri by India’s ambassador whose grandfather, a revolutionary poet, wrote it after witnessing the events of April 13, 1919 and the novelist Nanak Singh, a survivor of Jallianwala Bagh.

On that unfortunate day, British forces fired at crowds of demonstrators demonstrating peacefully against the Rowlatt Act of the British Raj, killing over a thousand.

The book was also published on 13 April in New Delhi, a hundred year after the massacre in Amritsar, by Jallianwala Bagh.


Suspended LoC Trade

Government suspended the trade of LoC in J&K Decision. Government reports were received that the trade of Cross LoC was abused by Pakistan-based elements for the purpose of illegal arms, narcotics and fake currency funneling. Trade of the LoC is intended to facilitate the trade between local population in Jammu and KashmirTrade by means of two Cen trade facilitation measures Trade is based on the system of barter and zero duty.

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International Fleet Review, IFR

INS SCOWAY & Fleet Support INS SHACTI, a stealth-destroyable, steady-molded rocket destroyer built in the north of China, arrives at Qingdao, China, as part of the International Fleet Review IFR, in the framework of the 70th Anniversary Celebration of the People’s Liberating Army (Navy).Second IFR conducted by India off Visakhapatnam in 2016.

INS Kolkata is equipped to handle threats from all sides with state-of – the-art weapon and sensors. INS Shakti, an off-scale refueling boat, is one of the largest tankers to carry over 27 000 tons of liquid cargo, 15 000 tons of solid cargo and over 500 tons of cargo including ammunition and victuals.



Researchers at the Universität of California, Los Angeles, have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) system that helps radiologists improve their capacity for prostate cancer diagnosis. System, Focalnet, helps to identify and predict the aggressiveness of disease, magnetic resonance imaging or MRI scans.

FocalNet is an automated computer network with more than a million algorithms. Research suggests that the AI system can save time and can provide less experienced radiologists with diagnostic guidance.

Bajrang regains top spot

  • India is back to the top of the 65 Kilo Freestyle men’s rankings. United World Wrestling. Punia, which won the gold medal at Asian Games and Commonwealth Games as well as a silver medal in last year’s World Championships, scored 58 points in front of Russia’s Akhmed Chakaev.


  • He has won gold at Dan Kolov-Nikola Petrov tournament in Bulgaria last month and is currently preparing for the Asian wrestling championship to be held in China from 23 April 2012.


India’s next High Commissioner to S Africa

Jaideep Sarkar was appointed as the Indian Foreign Service Officer’s next high commissioner to South Africa.

The Ministry of External Affairs said he was scheduled to take on the job soon in New Delhi. Sarkar, an 1987 battery Indian Foreign Service Officer, currently serves as India’s ambassador to Bhutan.

Suhel Ajaz Khan, currently Deputy Chief of Mission of Saudi Arabia in India, was also appointed by the government as the next Lebanese Ambassador.

Gorumara National Park

The Gorumara national park is the best-protected in India, declared by the Minister of Environment and Forests for 2009, and is situated in northwestern Bengal. It is mainly known for its population of Indian rheinoceros.

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