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Important Day

World Book and Copyright Day

Latest Current AffairA World Book Day (the “World Book Day,” also called the World Book and Copyright Day, or the “International Day of the Book,” is the annual event organized on 23 April 1995 by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), to promote reading and publishing and copyright.

Important Short News

  1. After the overthrow of the long-term leader Omar al-Bashir, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have announced financial support to the people of Sudan of three billion dollars. The support package involves USD 500 million deposited with the central bank in Sudan to reinforce the country’s liquidity and currency reserves. The next amount will be spent on supporting the people of Sudan in foodstuffs, medicines and fuel products.

latest Current Affairs

  1. In Indonesia, the volcano Mount Agung erupted in Bali resort Island, spewing a column of ashes up to two kilometers into the sky. Mount Agung is located in the district of Karangasem, about 70 km from the Kuta town centre. Over 1,100 people were killed during its last eruption in 1963. Nasim Zaidi, non-management director of Jet Airways, has left the board. In August last year, Mr Zaidi, former Chief Executive Electoral Officer and former Secretary of Aviation, joined the Board of Jet Airways. Grounded Jet Airways has announced today that Mr. Zaidi has withdrawn from the post citing personal reasons and time constraints. The airline that temporarily stopped all its operations last week is in.  Daily CURRENT AFFAIRS
  2. HBO requested that US President Donald Trump not use’ Game of Thrones’ (GOTs), inspired by its hit series, to politically use U.S. President Donald Trump, after US Attorney General Barr reiterated that no nonstop between the 2016 Trump Electors ‘ Campaign and Russia had been tweeted by an OGT-inspired tweet. The Ukrainian comedian and political neo-comedian Volodymyr Zeelenski apparently secured an enormous victory in the presidential election, while his radical left-wing democracy– the “GAME OVER.”

National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031 ( National news)


The cabinet, chaired by Sheik Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President of the President’s Palace in Abu Dhabi, took up a 2031 National Artificial Intelligence Strategy. The aim of the Cabinet is to position the UAE as a global artificial intelligency leader by 2031 and develop a system that employs artificial intelligence for vital areas in the country.

The strategy contains 8 goals and several initiatives designed to make use of artificial insight in key areas such as education, government services and the well-being of the community.


Next Billion Edteech Prize 2019

India’s’ Dost Education ‘ Education Technology start-up bagged a $ 25,000 tech award, as did two other Tanzanian and Egyptian winners.

Led by Varkey Foundation, a UK-based organization, Next Billion Edtech Prize 2019 recognizes the most advanced technology aimed at radical impact on education in low- and emerging-income countries.

Dost received an award for its ability to enable parents to take over the early education of their children by creating short, friendly audio content sent to them via their mobile phones.

Naval Commanders’ Conference – 2019

The three-day 3 Conference of Naval Commanders-2019 starts in New Delhi.

The meeting is the apex of the interaction service forum for the Naval Commanders.

The Chief of the Naval Staff will discuss the major operational, logistical, training and administrative operations in the last six months with the Commanders in Chief and will discuss the course to be taken in the following six months.

In the context of Pulwama’s events, that have put the defense of the country in a clearer focus and provide a forum for higher naval leadership to discuss emerging Maritime challenges, the conference takes on greater importance


Shutdown Online Operations in China

latest Current AffairIn addition to admitting defeat to local e-commerce competitors like Alibaba, Amazon plans to conclude online retail operations in China.

But other operations in China, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kindle e-books and teams to support shipment to foreign clients of Chinese commodities, will continue.

When it purchased a local online book seller for $ 75 million, in 2004, Amazon entered China.

In 2016, it introduced its Prime Membership program in China with the objective of attracting customers to quality western goods and benefits, such as free international deliveries.

The US retailer is now planning to concentrate more on the Indian electronic commerce market.

Santosh Trophy Football

The Services have raised the Santosh Trophy in football and beat Punjab 1-nil in Ludhiana in the final.

Both teams had no goal during the first half. Services scored the single goal in the second half and kept the whistle until the end.

Eight-time Punjab champions defeated five-time Goa 2-1 winners in the semi-finals to enter their 15th final. Karnataka was defeated by the services in the semi-finals with a 4-3 shootout to hold the title challenging for the 11th time.

Longest Spaceflight by a Woman

latest Current AffairNASA astronaut Christina Koch will have her mission extended to 328 days at the International Space Station (ISS).

This would establish a record for a woman’s longest single spaceflight.

On 14 March, Koch came to Space Station and will stay in orbit until February 2020. Koch will continue.

The 288-day record set by former NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson will be overshadowed in 2016-2017.

NASA’s longest single astronaut spacesaft is 340 days, set up during his one-year mission 2015-16 by former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly.

Neora Valley National Park

Latest Current AffairsThe NNP is located in West Bengal, district of Kalimpong

The Neora VALLY national  was Made in 1986.

It is one of eastern India’s richest biologic zones.

This is the NNP Famous For the red panda

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