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Important Day

World Intellectual Property Day

Latest Current AffairsThe annual World Day of Intellectual Property is 26 April. ‚ To raise awareness about how patents, copyrights, trademarks and designs affect day-to-day life’ and’ to celebrate creativeness and contribute creative people and innovators to the development of society throughout the world,’ was founded by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2000. THEM 2019: “Gold reach: IP & Sport.” THEM 2019

Important Short News

Latest Current Affairs

  1. Ancient grave with mumms believed to be around 2,000 years ago in southern Aswan was discovered in Egypt by archeologists. These findings may stimulate the tourism sector in the country, which was hit hard by the uprisings in 2011.
  2. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said the name of a drug that has expired and expired during the tendering process will be in the Hindi / regional language together with English, in order to curb a falsehood. At the outset, the proposed iron tablets and polio drops will be introduced because they are the most widely administered drugs in government centres. In accordance with the Drugs Technical Advisory Council (DTAB), the decision was made to incorporate regional languages.
  3. The Government’s Think Tank Niti Ayog agreed to the Dental Council of India’s proposal to allow dentists after a bridge course to practice as general practitioners. In the context of the call for unconventional methods of addressing the country’s doctors shortage, especially rural ones, the Premier’s office proposed the proposal.
  4. A cruise missile in the Arab Sea was fired by the Pakistan Navy. Antivirals and land attacks are capable of the indigenous cruise missile. In Pakistan’s Navy’s opinion, the missile has reached its target precisely, meaning the Indigenous Missile System’s impressive abilities
  5. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for Sri Lankan serial bombings, which on Easter Sunday killed more than 300 people. A photo of the 8-member terrorist group was taken by the Terror Group. The terrorist group not only gave the terrorists photos, but also published their names. A sequence of 8 strong blasts that has shattered the nation’s peace for a decade since the civil war ended.
  6. Nobel Prize announcements for 2019will take place in the month of October.The Nobel Prize is issued in the fields ofPhysiology or medicine, physics,chemistry, literature, and peace everyyear. There are 301 candidates for theaward in these fields, of which 223 areindividuals and 78 are organizations.The Nobel Peace Prize awardee will be named on October 11.

National & International News


Latest Current AffairsMore than 3100 special SAECK kits, as well as other evidence, have been distributed by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Union to collect blood and sample semen for immediate investigation of sexual assailants between States and the territories of the Union.· A total of 3 120 SAECKs were acquired and distributed to the States and UTs under the Nirbhaya Central Government Fund and Ministry of Home Affairs with financial support. The SAECK Sexual assault proof collection kits (SAECKs) are designed specifically for performing an immediate medico-regular investigation or’ rape investigation kits.’

Swacchta Pakhwada Awards-2019

Awarded Swacchta Pakhwada Awards-2019 in New Delhi for all India Radio, Publication Division and Child Film Society of India. — The awards were presented by Amit Khare, Secretary of the Information and Radio Department. • Radio F Sheheheryar, the General Director of All India and Ira Joshi, the General Director (News). During the ceremony for their efforts during Swacchta Pakhwada, the Press Council of India, press information office and BECIL were also mentioned.

Bilkis Bano case

The Supreme Court ordered the Government of Gujarat to grant the Bilkis Bano Rs 50 lakh compensation, employment and accommodation. — Upon the 2002 Gujrat riots, the She was raped by gang. — This compensation comes after two years of judicial proceedings against Bombay High Court, condemning eleven of the accused of manipulating evidence, including five police officers in Gujarat and two medical doctors. Bilkis Bano had previously refused the Rs 5 lakh offer to accept and requested the State Government, in a plea to the Supreme Court, to grant exemplary compensation. T he riots 14 members, including her two and a half year old daughter, of the familiy of Bilkis have been murdered during 2002.

Banking and Economy

Merger Gruh Finance Bandhan Bank

Latest Current AffairsFulfillment of the proposed schème of amalgamation of the Gruh Finance with the bank has been approved by the Competition Commission of India(CCI). CCI, the proposed combination, has been considered and approved in accordance with the Competition Act, 2002, Section 31 sub-section (1). The fusion of Gruh Finance with it was annexed to Bandhan Bank in January. TERM The move was made to reduce the promotional holdings of the bank to 61% by 82.3%. — For each 1,000 Gruh Finance shares, shareholders will receive 568 shares of Bandhan Bank, according to the share-swap ratio. A bank recently approved by the BSE and the NSE, which received RBI nod for the scheme

Tech giant Google

.Google, the technology giant, will show itself as the world’s first AI company by opening new research centers worldwide, including in Tokyo, Zurich, New York and Paris. Últimately, Accra, Ghana’s capital, opened its first African center. Using Google’s’ TensorFlow ‘ AI machine app, farmers analyze and boost the production of their plants. TensorFlow has been outsourced by TensorFlow to help developers develop real-world solutions.

Moon Station

Latest Current Affairs

In the next decade, China plans to send a busy mission to the Moon and to build a research station. è l The Chinese National Space Administration head Zhang Kejian announced the announcement. Kejian has revealed that the nation is planning to build in ten years a South Pole Scientific Research Station on the Moon. The objective of China is to achieve superpower status in space. China.· Nation made an important step towards the goal when in January 2019 it became the first country to land a rover on the far side of the moon

Director S K Shivakumar

.Sk K Shivakumar, the president, who also was Karnataka Science and Technology Council, was renowned Space Scientist and former Indian Space Research Organization Satellite Center (ISAC). The ISRO has over 20 years in association with Padma Shree award winner Shivakumar and has greatly contributed to the mission planning and analysis of many Indian satellite missions, including Bhaskara, Apple, IRS, and INSAT. è the late also was project manager for India’s first indigenous Deep Space Network Antenna in Byalalu, which was part of the first Chandrayan I Indian Moon Mission.

Vansda National Park

Latest Current AffairsThe Bansda National Park is a protected area that represents the thick wildlife areas of Dangs and southern Guijarat, also known as the Bansda National Park. Founded as a national park in 1979.

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